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Krisztine Grad, RN, Founder, Author & Instructor of "The Art & Science of Burring”

Krisztine brings a fresh and highly skilled approach, using the newest technology and patient-centred approaches. She has pioneered new skills that enable foot care providers to successfully treat common foot problems with the use of the State-of-The-Art podiatry drill and the large variety of podiatry burs. Krisztine has presented at both national and international conferences and has spent the past 8 years working closely with colleagues in the foot care industry, researching, developing and teaching advanced filing and debridement techniques. Krisztine travels across North America to instruct her courses on the field of podiatry while also running a busy private foot care practice (for over 14 years) -Feet First Footcare-in Hamilton, Ontario. She has received Platinum Awards from the Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice for Best Foot Specialist and Best Foot Clinic in 2016/2017/2018. Kris’s in demand workshops “The Art & Science of Burring” offers a fresh look at tools, equipment and technique. Kris expands the skill set of the participant, moving the foot care nurse from using a couple of standards to the world of over 150 specialized burs!

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Helius40 Hadewe Podiatry Drill

With the use of the State-of-The-Art , suction integrated podiatry drill- rotary file-and various burs, Krisztine has  found a unique way to deliver the safest, most effective and painless experience for her patients with virtually no vibration. With over 10 years of experience Krisztine has exercised the skills to bring bent, thick, mycotic nd dystrophic nails back into shape, thereby eliminating painful pressure on the underlying skin. Up to date Krisztine uses 150 specialized burs in her practice  By using several burs at the same time she can safely and  painlessly deliver precise work.


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The Art & Science of Burring has set itself the mission of offering the newest and finest technology in Podiatry and Footcare.

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