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Welcome to the The Art & Science of Burring's training program.

Training Structure

Level 1: Introduction to The Art & Science of Burring

2.5 hours of theory and 2 hours of practical with instructional videos

Topics Covered:

  • Basic and advanced filing techniques with specialty burs
  • Infection control and personal protection
  • Nail pathologies and treatments with specialty burs
  • A large variety of carbide and diamond burs
  • Demonstration of the newest podiatry drills, including mobile electric files, vacuum-integrated podiatry drills, and spray units
  • And more!

Level 2: Advanced. The Art & Science of Burring (Prerequisite Level 1)

2.5 hours of theory and 2 hours of practical with instructional videos

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding bur colour coding and its significance
  • Differentiating between various grits and cuts: fine, medium, coarse, and extra coarse. Twist and cross-cut
  • Implementing advanced burs in the treatment of nail pathologies with step-by-step instructions and videos
  • Corns and calluses reduction and removal without the use of a scalpel blade, featuring the demonstration of the Trepan bur
  • Introduction of new technology, including Podo and Thermo abrasive caps, offering superior results and time savings
  • Treating ingrown toenails with specialty burs, accompanied by detailed instructions and videos
  • And more!

Please note that the hands-on practical component of the podiatrist training will be facilitated through high-quality videos and step-by-step instructions, totalling 2 hours.

Level 1. Training

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Level 2. Training

Registrations are now open for Level 2.

Everybody providing foot care should take this course

Heather MacEachern

This course give you the training to
technique. I only ever used 2 burs
take your practice to the next level. After a year of using a Dremel I found my hand was paining and I questioned my because I was unsure how to cafely use others. I can't wait to put my knowledge into practice!

New Foot Care Nurse, Ontario

Krystal Adams

his was an amazing course. As a new foot care nurse I only use the pear diamond bur. I looked through the catalogue and was overwhelmed by the variety of burs. Thank you Krisztine for providing me with the knowledge to purchase better bur bits and to enhance the care of my clients. Excited to take the Level 2 course next summer!

Excellent Course

Kaitlin Nielsen

I started off knowing slim to nothing about burrs and dremels, but now I feel confident enough to be able to use them on my clients.

Informative and well rounded

Isabelle Laplante

Thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience, more accessible being online. I've been a foot care nurse for 8 years and it was great to refresh and
update knowledge around practice. I appreciate the access to ask questions as well by email.

All around great course!

Karin Streith

Excellent information!

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