Leading the Podiatry Revolution

The Art & Science of Burring is a prime innovator in the field of Podiatry services. We're proud to have pioneered the revered techniques and skills in 'The Art and Science of Burring' that have found their way into the daily practices of numerous professionals across North America. Keep reading to learn more about The Art & Science of Burring.

Enhancing Foot Care

Founded in 2013 by Krisztine Grad, RN, our purpose has been to revolutionize foot care nursing education. We've achieved this through our unique approach, combining artistic precision and scientific methodology in burring. Our commitment to excellence in podiatry services has made us an industry leader and a trusted resource for many.

Elevate your skills, ensuring exceptional patient outcomes while embracing the latest advancements in podiatric care. Your journey to expertise begins here.

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Additional Bio

Krisztine Grad, RN has specialized in foot care for over 18 years and is the founder and owner of Feet First Footcare, Inc., a successful private practice in Hamilton, Ontario.  Using a patient-centered approach, Krisztine specializes in advanced filing techniques and brings a fresh and highly-skilled approach with the newest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.   

In her office practice, Krisztine has managed Indigenous and high-risk diabetes patients as well as individuals of all ages and special needs.  Hamilton Spectator's Readers Choice Awards has voted Krisztine #1 Foot Care Specialist and Best Foot Clinic from 2016-2021.

Starting in 2011 Krisztine has researched intensively and tirelessly (at the time there was very little information available on the subject) and wrote a course material called “The Art & Science of Burring”. Krisztine has innovated the education of foot care nursing by establishing “The Art & Science of Burring” in 2013, a comprehensive course and hands-on workshop for licensed professionals.  Both popular and well-attended, Krisztine draws from her years of direct patient care experience and teaches step-by-step instruction, emphasizing skill-building in the application of individual burs and burring techniques. 

Krisztine is recognized as a leader by foot specialists peers and leadership educators. Between 2014-2019 she was an invited speaker to educational conferences throughout Canada and the United States and has conducted workshops in several Canadian provinces. 

Krisztine is sought after in the foot care industry.  Between 2011- 2019 she worked as a skilled practitioner-representative in the promotion of high-speed vacuum integrated rotary files and the correct use of the large variety of podiatry burs.  As an advocate of both patient safety and clinician skill building, she has brought attention to the correct use of modernized foot care equipment incorporating the newest technology, ideas, and features- educating nurses, podiatrists and chiropodists.