How often should I replace my burs?

When I first started researching and teaching about the carbide burs, I was under the impression that carbide burs can last for years. Was I ever wrong and mistaken! The flutes in the carbide burs can lose their sharpness after prolonged use. Once they become dull they lose their cutting power and you will have to work a lot longer and harder to get the same result. Once they start losing their cutting efficiency you should replace them. 

How long can carbide burs last? 

It really depends on how much you are using them. They can last a year before they start to become less effective. 

Burs can be costly, but it is important to consider the increased efficiency a newer, replaced bur provides.  You can work a lot faster and safer with a bur that has not been worn out. 

How can diamond burs last longer?

Diamond burs should be used for smoothing and finishing only, rather than reducing thick toenails and heavy calluses which may wear out the bur prematurely. The diamond bur will wear out quicker warranting more frequent replacement. 

Carbide burs should be used to debride thick toenails and calluses and use diamonds for finishing and smoothing only. 

When cleaning diamond burs, brush them gently with a soft brush under water. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as that could loosen the diamond particles, making the blades dull.

How can carbide and diamond burs last longer?

Finer carbides and diamond burs wear out quicker than coarser ones. It is important to select the right bur for each task. This will ensure that each bur may receive the most use possible.

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